Kuchenna Adrenalina


Kitchen Adrenaline is a merchant-culinary company.

The offer is directed to people from the “world of gastronomy” ranging from creative chefs, confectioners, ice cream masters as well as technologists in food production plants.

The experience gained in the kitchens and confectioneries of many places in Europe, in particular during many years of work on the transatlantic ship Queen Elizabeth 2, visits to the farthest corners of our globe, initiated the idea of importing extraordinary products (in particular exotic apertified fruit) to Poland.

The goal (mission) of Kitchen Adrenaline is to inspire, search and deliver high-quality products to the ‘conscious’ creators of dishes, desserts, ice cream, cocktails and drinks – to everyone looking for new taste challenges for which the horizons of creativity have no limits.

Kitchen Adrenaline also provides gastronomic consulting services, ranging from support at the stage of gastronomy and hotel projects, through kitchen crew training, preparation and changes in the menu, calculation of “food costs”, waiter service training, culinary integration games and product presentations for food industry companies.

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